A hot spring of beauty, an impressive and elegant
Japanese garden, in a town famous for fruits and wine



A variety of Yukata

Yukata - Traditional Japanese attire made of cotton.

Japanese hot spring resorts and yukata are inseparable. We offer different patterns of yukata for men, women and children, so our guests can enjoy hot spring in their favorite style.
When you go for your evening hot spring bath, you should also bring your yukata to change into. Please remember that you are in Japan for cultural and hot spring experiences.

Toast with 1 sho bottle (one bushel bottle) of wine

Taste Yamanashi's wine

The Yamanashi area is also known for its wine production. Every year mellow tasting wine is created from the plentiful grapes that are grown in local vineyards. There is also a line-up of original wine and tours of the wineries, which are located near our hotel.

50 minutes from Mt. Fuji, the most famous mountain in Japan

Excellent access to a variety of attractive spots including Mt. Fuji

If you extend your journey a little further, there are very nice sightseeing spots unique to this area, including Lake Kawaguchiko and Mt. Fuji, as well as Mt. Fuji itself, the most famous mountain in Japan that is registered as a World Cultural Heritage.

Seasonal buffet dinner

Seasonal buffet dinner featuring local dishes

In addition to gourmet buffet with over 70 variety of seasonal dishes, enjoy local dishes such as houtou (Yamanashi's local noodle dish). Savor the combination of seasonal cooking and regional wine.

Hot spring

Hot spring

"ROTEN" open-air bath

By leisurely enjoying Isawa onsen’s excellent quality water in a half open-air bath, you can experience one of best moments of your stay.

Hot spring

"ONSEN" public indoor bath

Enjoy a Koshu wine bath using wine as a motif unique to the Koshu area.

Hot spring

"ASHIYU" footbath

Ease your mind and body with a footbath while gazing at the exquisite Japanese garden.

Hot spring type

Simple alkaline hot spring

Bath time

15:00-24:00 / 5:00-10:00
Please brinng towels in the room with you when you go to hotel's bath


Dinner buffet
Dinner buffet

Enjoy fresh dishes especially from our special "Live Kitchen," such as teppanyaki (meat roasted on a hot plate) and tempura. Our hotel provides 70 kinds of delicious, seasonal menus.
Our specialties also feature local dishes, such as Yamanashi's local cuisine, houtou nabe, and traditional food, kama-meshi (Japanese rice pilaf cooked in an iron pot).
*The content of the buffet varies by season.

Dinner option
Dinner option

Dinner option
Dinner option

Our special dishes are available in addition to the buffet at an additional cost.


Standard room
Standard room

Based on the concept of an unforgettable hot spring experience, we offer a clean and cozy Japanese-style room. Listen to the sounds in the courtyard and relax away from the stress of daily life.
*All rooms are equipped with a washlet toilet.


Toothbrush, bath towel, face towel, hand soap, hanten (traditional short winter coat resembling a haori), yukata*1, refrigerator*2, TV, bathroom, safe, air-conditioning and heating, electric kettle, tea (packets), others
*1 Bring from the yukata corner in the lobby
*2 No beverages/food provided


Japanese garden

Japanese garden

There is an elegant garden cultivated on the hotel grounds. Enjoy the beauty of nature in each of the four seasons.

Manga corner

Manga corner

There are about 3,000 Japanese comic available.
*You can read them for free.

Karaoke corner

Karaoke corner

Private karaoke rooms are available. You can sing out with your family or group.
*Reservation required. Available for a fee.

Table tennis corner

Table tennis corner

You can play table tennis for free. *Make a reservation at the front desk.

Fully automatic mahjong

Fully automatic mahjong

Professional fully-automatic mahjong is available, which satisfies any mahjong fan. Enjoy mahjong for free.

Facility introduction

Check-in / Check-out

C/I 15:00, C/O 11:00

No. of rooms

107 rooms (Japanese-style rooms, Western rooms, Superior Japanese and Western room)

No. of parking spaces

90 cars
*Available for free.

Facility services

3 networked PCs, 3,000 comics, 2 table tennis games, 3 massage chairs, game corner, relaxation room, 6 rooms for karaoke, 1 multiple-purpose toilet

Available for a fee

Relaxation, massage machine, karaoke, banquet room*1, game corner, automatic food vending machine, mobile charger, shop
*1 Capacity: 60 people maximum

Available for free

Wi-Fi*1, PC corner, manga, Go (game), mahjong room, games for rent, table tennis, foot bath, open-air bath, parking*2, wheel chairs
*1 Available around the lobby of the 1st floor
*2 Capacity: 90 cars


Hatta 97, Isawa-cho, Fuebuki-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture, 406-0023
By train

By train

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*Some Express Azusa trains pass Isawa-Onsenmachi Station. In this case, please transfer at Kofu Station.
*From Isawa-Onsenmachi Station to Hotel Shinko, it takes 5 minutes by taxi, or 15 minutes on foot. A free shuttle bus runs regularly every hour, such as at 14:15, 15:15, 16:15, and 17:15.

By car

By car

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Parking lot, 90 cars for free

Free shuttle bus

Free shuttle bus

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Round-trip bus between the hotel and Isawa Onsen Station

Pick up location and time table

To hotel
JR Isawa Onsen station south exit.

To JR Isawa Onsen station
Hotel's lobby

*Please be informed that the time table may be updated on this website and changed.
*No reservation needed. Come to the meeting location by the departure time.
*The bus might be late depending on traffic.

For guests who use the highway express bus

Free pick-up to the express bus for Isawa bus stop is available. (Reservations required.)
As soon as you arrive at the bus stop, please contact the hotel.
Please be advised that you might wait for a few minutes for the pick-up bus to arrive.


Mt. Fuji - 80 minutes

Mt. Fuji - 80 minutes

80 minutes from hotel to Mt. Fuji by car. There are many sightseeing spots such as the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji. The area surrounding Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Yamanakako is very popular among tourists as there are many cool shops and restaurants.



Popular hot spring where you can enjoy a vast panoramic view.
You can see a panoramic view, which overlooks Kofu city. Enjoy Mt. Fuji on the right and Mt. Daibosatsurei on the left. At night, the beautiful night view and starry sky will surprise you.



Shosenkyo is the representative picturesque scenery in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park.

Monde Winery / Mars Yamanashi Winery

Monde Winery /
Mars Yamanashi

There are two wineries located few minutes on foot from our hotel. Enjoy wine after learning about its production. The winery provides wine and snacks.

Yamanashi Fuefukigawa Fruits Park

Fruits Park

You can enjoy all day with fruit farms, dorms kids and athletic facilities. Recommended for children and adults. At night, enjoy a romantic view of Yamanashi.

Jewelry Garden Shingen-no-Sato

Jewelry Garden Shingen-no-Sato

You will be definitely be impressed by the amount of jewelry paved in the vast garden.

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